Memento by Abdul Moimême, for by Radio Zero, Lisbon This radio piece is what its title implies: a reminder of persons and past events, which in the present case are autobiographical as well as musical; occurrences that span ...Read More

till we’re sitting behind the bars as an huge explosion of a black whole is …not at all - we are just thinking about the fragrant odour of the wine, how much more dainty, pleasant, ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME Jamming is usually distinguished from interference that can occur due to device malfunctions or other accidental circumstances. Devices that simply cause interference are regulated under different regulations. Unintentional ‘jamming’ occurs when an operator transmits ...Read More

Listen to/ Hört THE VOICES with Mbolo Yufanyi: NO REFUGEE IS CRIMINAL! - KEIN FLÜCHTLING IST KRIMINELL! The VOICES Radiosendung/Radioshow The topic for this week’s radio programme: No Refugee is Criminal! · Going through the realities of different perspectives in the ...Read More - Sommerradio 2016 18. Juni - 30. September Hier kommt die Stimme der Hörer: Ein anderes Radio ist möglich! 18. Juni auf 88.4! 19:00 Vom 18. Juni bis zum 30 September bringen und kotti-shop vereint die Berliner Airwaves als auf ...Read More

Casting, for by Soundart Radio, Devon, UK Broadcasting as spell casting – sending out our intentions into the atmosphere, allowing them to fall where they need to, affect who they may, and communicate our deeper desires, even when wrapped in ...Read More

In der zehnten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ beschäftigen sich Volkan T error & Toby Dope mit Songs die als Samplequelle benutzt wurden. Natürlich keine Standards wir beziehen uns hier ausschließlich auf Türkische Breaks. Dann schaltet mal euer Kassettendeck ein und ...Read More

for the upcoming shortest night of the year HOERMASCHINE50 will broadcast white nights stories. what would have to be done till this very moment? texts by zhernyshevsky, solzhenitsyn and dostoyevsky. Read More

Air Conditioning Fashion Lounge° by G:O;D Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Egypt Topics DIYChurch, NYC, Wall Peeler, together alone, Internet, DJ, Vinyl, Tape, MP3, no adults please, air conditioning, fashion, capitalism, cola, wall peeler & Dj shluchT in the mix for the ...Read More

Women* Space is Everywhere! - Radioliveshow & Discussion June 12th, 5pm-10pm, Waldemarstr. 46, 10999 Berlin about: 3 months ago refugee and migrant women* occupied the main stage of the International Refugee Conference in Hamburg. We want to talk about the motivation behind this ...Read More