- 2010 

88.4 FM Berlin 

Wed/Fri - 20:00 -06:00 

Free Cultural Radio Is Back!

In June of 2010, the acoustic space of Berlin is being remapped - along with a major reboot. After years of producing free cultural radio projects, klubradio launches 2010 on 88.4 FM in Berlin on Wednesdays and Fridays 20:00 - 06:00 for one year. To kick it off, is broadcasting live from Ballhaus Ost, Berlin and the Kommunalka Festival. Starting on Wednesday, June 9th, Berlin artists, activists, writers, musicians and established venues present pop culture, talk radio, politics, electronic music, discourse, interviews, DJ sets, live concerts and experimental late night formats live from the House of World Cultures!

Seven years of working towards a Free Cultural Radio in Berlin have partially paid off with the one year frequency 88.4 - numerous radio groups now enjoy the possibility to work with their own editorial. 2010 continues what was started with experimental radio initiatives Herbstradio, Backyard Radio, Radio 1:1, Juniradio, and, of course,, to make the best of Berlin audible. 2010 will be a production platform to once again open up the airwaves for radio broadcasts as interesting as Berlin, and encourage artists to produce radio shows for a net wide audience. allstars and newcomers make the radio worth turning on. They also set a benchmark that makes people want to join in: pop culture, politics, DJ sets, high level discourse and experimental late night formats are on offer ten hours a day two days a week for a year.

Wednesdays are radio history in the making - Berlin’s music and independent scenes take over the studio. It all kicks off with monthly music shows by maestros Alex Bechberger, Detlef Diederichsen, Ran Huber and Barbara Muerdter (popkontext). Talk Radio Berlin style follows with Heinrich “Dj Officer, Officer” Dubel and Paul “Paulator” with KQSM, Steve Morell’s Zero Hour, Diana Weis and “Ladyland”, Mario Mentrup & Claudia Basrawi with “Der Weisse Hai ist Gut”. Manuela Krause, Michael Freerix, Ausland, Paula Varjack and Oliver Stern take up music and more with special features on life in the city, Hillbilly music, Cabaret and spoken word.

Ed Bennedof, Cobra Killer, Die toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum, Mike Hentz, Serhat Koksal, ZASTROW & BARAKAT, Susanne Gerber are the new voices of late night radio in Berlin.
The network (founded in tandem with 2004) will join in with radio art and broadcast cooperations that connect Berlin to free cultural radios across the world.

Fridays are more global - music, discourse, politics, live sets and DJ crews keep it smart and cool. Nouri Ben Redjeb’s “Nouri’s Radyoun” weekly show sets the tone for the hard hitting magazines from Jungle World, Hausradio, Make Capitalism History and Open Cultures. Berlin’s club culture takes over with regular show by Rex Joswig, The Sick Girls, Zum Alpharaver, Klaus Kotai and Alexis Waltz and Maxximus. Infinte Livez is back with more Glorious Mono. The turntables keep on spinning into the late night with DJ crews - Orient Taxi, Patric Catani, Xberg Dhirty6 Cru, Zhao, Kris N Skate. Talk, music, interviews and inspired rants are all a part of the program.

In keeping with the changing times and economic shifts, works with the productive forces in Berlin’s cosmopolitan and highly fragile economic cultural landscape. With less financial resources than ever, has scaled back on technical development. In 2010, it is all about exploiting a wealth of existing resources - social and technical. Free cultural radio offers a special social context where relevance can emerge from locality and surprising moments of commonality. Once again, the multitudes take over the airwaves - independent scenes and high culture venues make for a lean mean radio stream. The combination of old and new, analog and digital technology are the technical background that allow for terrestrial broadcasts, podcasts and streams - all for your listening pleasure. 

Yes, it is time to to tune in.

REBOOT.FM Program Partners 

Haus der Kulturen der Welt & Next Interkulturelle Projekte. Am Start, Ausland, Haus Schwarzenberg, Maas Media Verlag, Club Transmediale, Transmediale Festival, ICI -Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Hebbel Am Ufer, Arsenal Kino, New Thinking, Jungle World, Berlin Biennale and many more.

International Partner: The network