Doshy, Kuedo aka Jamie Vex’d  in the studio!!


We starved for weeks, cleaned those widows’ pools in leopard thongs and of course had very very dirty sex (and lots of it) with very very important people to bring you once more a line-up fresher than electromagnetic icecream and so forward, our mario as already divorced the princess twice!

for that very special deep tickle in your belly, gentle squeeze on your spine and making your body go all bobbing like the loverly muppets that you are:

Terror Danjah [Planet Mu / Hyperdub - London]
Hovatron [loFi Funk / Lowriders - Montreal]
Dizz1 [Beat Dimensions / Kindred Spirits - Sydney]
Doshy [Rwina / Sirius / Robox - Berlin]
Front2Blaq [Robox Neotech - Berlin]
Q-Do [Robox Neotech - Berlin]

Pretty things and Live Visuals:

Sleeping Birds [Sirius - Berlin]
Dual [Sirius - Berlin]
Raspel [Sirius - Berlin]

26.06.2010 - 23:00
Calabash Club / Acud
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin

plus+ there’s football screening in the chillout yard prior to the party, so you don’t even have to go bar hopping before!

sleeping birds/sirius