In this inaugural issue of our podcast, Ralph Christoph, Music Embassador and the man behind the Cologne-based C/O Pop Festival, talks about the early days and the arrival of electronic music in Cologne. In addition, Andy Vaz gives us a great overview on the ever-changing face of Cologne’s music scene and the city’s atmosphere.

01. Andy Vaz - Mumbai Dweller on Yoreput/output.
02. Justin Kohncke - Timecode (Maxi Version) on Kompakt
03. Ada - Luckycharm on Areal
04. Michael Mayer - Privat on Kompakt
05.Dettinger - Blond 1 on Kompakt
06. Grungerman - Fackeln Im Sturm on Kompakt Extra
07. Mike Ink - Paroles on Warp Records
08.Popnoname - Hell Gorgeous on Kompakt Extra
09.Studio 1 - Gold on Studio 1
10.Studio 1 - Silver on Studio 1
11.Studio 1 - Purple on Studio 1
12. Studio 1 - Light Blue on Studio 1
13. Studio 1 - Yellow on Studio 1
14.Walls - Burnt Sienna on Kompakt
15.Dollkraut - Precious Fool on Doppelschall

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The zero” City Focus podcasts are created by Sebastian Schlachter-Delgado, one of Austria’s best known music radio journalists and one of the people behind FM4’s popular Friday night electronic music show ‘La Boum Deluxe’. Schlachter-Delgado is further part of Vienna’s electro-pop group Twinnie and has recently started his own label Kinderkreuzzug.