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A cheeky taster of  the best and brightest in Berlin spoken word and acoustic music! Now Hear this! From Stockholm to London via Berlin…
On this weeks episode of Now Hear this, Paula Varjack checks in with spoken word artist Raymond Antrobus, fresh from the UK on a rare Berlin visit, followed by a post folk accoustic set from musical guest, Berlin based Swedish musician, Waldemaar
Raymond Antrobus is a Spoken Word artist, writer and photographer born and bred in East London, Hackney.  He is the international Farrago slam champion 2008 and is a member of one of the world’s leading collectives of Spoken Word artists know as ‘A Poem In-between People’ (or PiP) who have been described as “London’s hottest spoken word talent” by The Times and are comprised of ten members. Raymond is also host and co-creator of a weekly Spoken Word and music event called ‘Chill Pill.’

Waldemaar is the creation of Swedish author & journalist Martin Bengtsson. The story begins at a hospital in Milan where his first songs were written in 2005. In the coming years, Waldemaar was developed through experiences in therapy, writing and travel. In 2008, Waldemaar moved to Berlin and shortly after played his first show in the German capital at Schokoladen at an event hosted by Lady Gaby. A journey had started. By this stage, the name Waldemaar had just been created. A combination of letters that hides another name. In summer 2009, the EP Press-Down-Hold was released and shortly after a music video came out of the song The Bohemian directed by Winta Yohannes.The EP was followed by shows in Berlin, Sweden & Norway before Waldemaar went to New York where he began work on his upcoming album.

i like to kiss and tell…”