Alpharaver heute mit neuen Platten und ohne Jeff Pills vorgestellt von Doenatella
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Artist: Jimmy Edgar
Album: XXX
Release Date: July 27 (digital), September 14 (physical)
Label: !K7
Splendor In The Grass
Label: 7EVEN
juni 2010
headhunter & orphan101
Hocus Pocus / V.7.01
Format: MP3 Release
Released: Jul 2010
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robert hood presents floorplan
Funky Souls
Label: Rush Hour

Rush Hour reissue an absolute diamond disco anthem from Robert Hood. ‘Funky Souls’ originally emerged back in 1996 through M-Plant’s Drama sub-label and was in chronically limited supply at the time. It’s one of the only instances of the Hood touching up a disco track and works wonders with heavy kicks and proper funky disco vibes galore. It’s been a Detroit secret ever since but now the beans have been spilt so get in while you can…

jeff mills
The Occurrence (Hybrid Cd/Vinyl Format)
Label: Third Ear Japan / Axis

May 2010

*Strictly limited Japanese Import of this new Mills album, pressed up on a special Hybrid CD (the first we’ve ever seen) which has a 5” vinyl pressing on the flipside of the disc that’ll play on your turntable!* Before you say anything about this album you just can’t get over the totally mental format - basically a CD on one side and a 5” vinyl pressing on the other (containing the track “Markings”), satisfying vinyl collectors and digital hounds in one fell swoop and making what will no doubt be a collectable edition in years to come. The album itself features new tracks as well as some lifted off ‘Sleeper Wakes’ alongside numerous edits and beatless interludes making for a classic, mixed Mills session. The price is on the typically hefty side for these Japanese editions, but if you want one of these babies act fast as stock is in short supply. Highly Recommended! — 

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zander vt
Some More
Label: Bpitch Control
Four tracks of tribalish tech-house from BPitch Control’s Zander VT. ‘Some More’ lifts a classic 90s house sample before reworking it for the current Berlin vibe, stripping the rhythm down to the bare essentials for endurance dance sessions. We’d also recommend checking ‘Peace Of Mind’ for a real tidy piece of slow-house with shimmering keys for the late afternoon crew.
rubber ep ed banger
ein paar monate alt
österreicher in berlin
auf pinguing erschienen
Jimmy Edgar - Hush Ep - GT001
Brand new London-based imprint GLASSTABLE launches this summer with HUSH from the electronic music maverick Jimmy Edgar, backed with a remix from the increasingly tipped Kyle Hall.
Al Tourettes - When I Rest I Rust - ISP004
VÖ Datum 01.07.2010
Label-Nr ISP004
Label If Symptoms Persist
Headhunter - Ginneys - TRSR003
VÖ Datum 21.07.2010
Label Transistor
Benga - Stop Watching / Little Bits - SBOY033
benga stop watching / little bits
VÖ Datum 21.07.2010
Label Digital Soundboy
matt shadetk flowers
08 juni
The first solo instrumental album from Dubspot instructor and Dutty Artz
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Basic Soul Unit - Night Heat - MULE071
VÖ Datum 19.07.2010
Label Mule Electronic
remix von fred p / black jazz consortium
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Terrence Dixon - Room 310 - MEA003
m 11.06.2010
Label-Nr MEA003
Label Meakusma
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