Disco Jesus is pleased to welcome back Discobasso into the Cosmic Connections fold. Our friend from Germany serves up another wonderful mix of rarities from the cosmic underground. As always, he embraces a range of genres all united by his ...Read More

eine einstündige, monatliche Radiosendung mit jeweils einem Studiogast. A Project by Anna Bromley and Jeremy Woodruff. Die Bewegung der Sendungen soll eine forschende sein.  Ausgehend vom Studiogastformat soll das Radio als künstlerische Ressource  untersucht werden. Dabei soll die Sendung zum auditiven ...Read More

handverlesene elektronik by julia johannsen & heiko pötzsch Read More

The Jetlag Archipelago is a late night composite sketch of a shipwrecked dream. With your host & captain DJ Seeks Same, explore the sonic and temporal detritus settling on the ocean floor, the electronic whales singing each to each, old and new waves. Also ...Read More

Gozel Radio #3 - " Polizisten & NO Dialogue " 12.08.2010 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XN2GNGX5 GOZEL RADIO3_REBOOTFM 12.08.10 * Gozel Radio - Extra Polizisten & NO Dialogue * El-Mahdy Jr - Hustlers T Time / Muslim Rage * Uz Jsma Doma - Cajdak * Zakee feat. Anbuley - Sane ...Read More