Guy Gerber and Dor are our two illustrious guests in this week's edition of our City Focus, but as always the real star of the show is the city they are from: Tel Aviv. Israel's seaside metropolis is known as ...Read More

Morr Music's Podcast 1. labriz - chronomad - sayeh 2. ruska - thomas köner - teimo 3. the sound of white - ON - something that has form and something that does not 4. mount everest reverse - the notwist - solo swim 5. intro ...Read More

“False beginner” by Anna Raimondo from Radio Grenouille Alors… the Italian as a field… hmmm… of roots. As a thread that ties your own life up, an engine of memories and hidden emotions. The Italian language course as a game. Languages that ...Read More

Lautstrom: eine einstündige, monatliche Radiosendung mit jeweils einem Studiogast. A Project Lautstrom - mit Anna Bromley und Jeremy Woodruff. Die Bewegung der Sendungen soll eine forschende sein.  Ausgehend vom Studiogastformat soll das Radio als künstlerische Ressource  untersucht werden. Dabei soll die ...Read More

A fresh ottoman seasoning is poured into the populist discourse of the government –a discourse, getting more authoritarian in darker shades. While reproducing the legitimacy of the government, this seasoning is mixed not only into the foreign policy soup, but ...Read More