morellNew Taste For The Haste” is a new show within Steve Morell´s Radio Show “The Zero Hour”.
Here he is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music.
Music which is new on the spot, which he got sent, which he is playing in his sets or just
which is it worth to be listened to and which he don´t want to withhold to his listeners.
Music from his own label (Pale Music Int.) or music from other friends labels or Artists he got sent.
Its a not regular format as the normal “Zero Hour” program has to happen as well

Today it starts with new tracks by:
Kill The Dandies!, The Prostitutes, Italoporno, Fenin, T. Raumschmiere, (Shitkatapult)
Khan, Suga SP, Informer, Van Raveschot, Gay Fight Club, Steve Morell, Woven Hand, Cocorosie
Supersoulsonic (Michael Reinboth & Christian Prommer), Songs from the “Ich Bin Ein Berliner Compilation” and many more!

Play List:

01. The Zero Hour Radio Jingle
02. Fenin – Adeto - (Shitkatapult)
03. James Cook – Wrong Empire Not (Not On Label)
04. The Hollowmen – Prisoner of Dreams (Not On Label)
05. Kill The Dandies – Drug Me (Pale Music Int.)
06. Banque Alemande – Fishing (S.S. Records)
07. S.C.U.M.– Rituals - (1-2-3-4 Records/Mute)
08. An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump – Devotion (Not On Label)
09. Woven Hand – A Holy Measure - (Elegy Magazine Sampler No. 64)
10. Thee – Prelude To Luna Sue - (Not On Label)
11. Thee – Luna Sue - (Not On Label)
12. The Prostitutes – Back To Sleep – (Pale Music Int.)
13. Steve Morell – Song For Your Masters – (Elegy Magazine Sampler No. 64)
14. Glamour To Kill – Isolated Myself – (Pale Music Int.)
15. Mueran Humanos – Exito De Una Ex Santa – (Not On Label)
16. Informer – Wires – (Pale Music Int.)
17. Velvet Condom – Collapse In Slow Motion (Ich Bin Ein Berliner DO-CD)
18. Stereo De Luxe – Strawberries & Tangerines – Demo – (Not On Label)
19. T.Raumschmiere – Entertain Me – (Boxon Records)
20. Gay Fight Club – Fuck My Ass Hard – (Unreleased / Pale Music Int.)
21. Carlo Von Lynx – Personal Jesus – Kevorkian Edit Von Lynx – (Not On Label)
22. Supersoulsonic – Eddy Is Dead – Michael Reinboth & Christian Prommer Edit (Compost Rec.)
23. S.C.U.M.– Signal (3) - (1-2-3-4 Records/Mute)
24. Cocorosie – Lemonade – (Elegy Magazine Sampler No. 64)

Thanks to all Artists and Labels sending me all these fabulous tracks

Thanks for listening

Steve Morell