On this month’s episode of Now Hear This, Paula Varjack corrals together perhaps the most international trio in the studio  to date; writer/translator Eirik Sördal from Iceland, performance poet Sergio Garau from Sardenia, and our musical guest Berlin based Heiko B. Horror Me. This charming ensemble of multilingual gents are sure to entertain, amuse and maybe even make you think…

eirik_by_kuteEirik Sördal (b.1979) is a writer and translator based in a laptop. He studied law and philosophy in Reykjavík, Berlin and Lisbon.  Eirik has worked as a journalist for various magazines and published poetry and short stories in Icelandic and English. He organises the multi-lingual poetry readings Filament Stanza in Berlin, and hardly ever refers to himself in the third person.


Sergio Garau (b. 1982) together with the collective sparajurij has been taking part since 2001 in the italian and international poetry and performative scene. he represented italy in 2007 at the first poetry slam’s world cup in paris/bobigny and in 2008 at the berlin literaturfestival’s SLAM!Revue, whose program will be edited by him the following year. in 2009 he’s invited by the mediterranean young biennale in skopje, partecipated at the festa della letteratura di asuni in sardinia with a 1h solo performance, which was re-edited for barcelona’s lively horinal; in 2009-10 after an artist residency in berlin he toured with the multilingual spoken word and music project smokenmirrors around 21 cities in europe - he took part as feat. poet in the slammeisterschaften in the eu culture capital Ruhr 2010 and released the video music poetry work I O at the absolute poetry festival. he won the 2002 turin’s settimana letteraria poetry slam, the first italian team slam in romapoesia 2003, the first italian videopoetry award doctorclip 2005, the international slam of bolzano, the berliner anti-slam and so on. he’s published in perverse ways such as books, cds, radios, holy cards, tvs, syringes, dvds, facebook, www.myspace.com/garaus and so on, organises diverse festivals and situations, writes an author’s blog on absoluteville, contributes to the edition of the review atti impuri (off and on-line www.attimpuri.it) and of the book series maledizioni for the publisher NoReply

horrormeHorror Me is a Berlin-based singer/songwriter inspired by video games, ghosts, and monster trucks. Witty and adorable, his music is like being hugged by a 10-year old. Horror Me also plays in the New York-based psych-rock outfit Huggabroomstik and hosts Berlin’s weekly Open Mic L.J. Fox. His first EP was produced by French songwriter Clémence Freschard.” - Sebastian Hoffmann

“i like to kiss and tell…”