the brainchild of Guillaume Chottin & Simon Halpin recently celebrated 2 years of online broadcasting, with over 60 resident DJ’s presenting shows from UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, USA & RUSSIA and more, sharing deep and diverse contemporary underground dance music as well as Ambient, Afro, Dub, Disco, Jazz, Latin & World Music. The station has also been graced with exclusive extended guest mixes from DJ’s David Mancuso (The Loft NYC), Felix Dickinson (Cynic) Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area), Gerry Rooney (Black Cock Recs), Joel Martin (Quiet Village), DJ Kaos (Berlin), Phil Mison (Reverso 6, amongst many others..

1) Soft Rocks
Thursday 07-October-2010 “LIVE FROM THE BOWELS OF BRIGHTON


PLAYLIST 29/09/010

Maxxi & Zeus - American Dreamer (Int Feel Promo)
Dancing Fantasy - Voodoo Jammin…Happy birthday Phil Mison !)
Spanish Porn
Damaris - What About My Love
Andrew Henry & Zabandis - Love Ballad
Little John - What You Want To Be/Dub feat Billy Boyo
DJ Nature - Neighbourhood Novelty (Golf Channel Recs)
NuWalker Feat Ken Caeser - Second Of September (Cheap)
Jolly Jams 002 (Promo)
DJ Sprinkles - Double Secret (Skylax)
Kuniyuki - Set Me Free (Dub) (Mule)
Berro (Reverso 68 remix) cdr