Zero" presents: The Glasgow podcast feature With Slam's Stuart McMillan, Optimo's JD Twitch, and Numbers' Jackmaster we interview three main protagonists of Glasgow's burgeoning electronic music scene in this week's edition of our City Focus podcast. get the playlist on zero" Read More

bananamania and Hugo Capablanca presents: ‘Bedroom Funk’ is not the smell in your room after a particularly heavy night out, but a celebration of the spirit of home-recording in the genres of disco, funk and soul. Some of these tracks ...Read More

Radia is a network of independent radio stations who have a common interest in promoting and producing artworks for the radio, and in forming related projects based on broadcasting and cultural exchange. We produce a weekly radio show that is ...Read More

Anna meets Guido Henneböhl who is a musician and instrument builder from Berlin. Guido has a unique method of developing synthesizer instruments primarily by recycling parts of broken keyboards, toy instruments or various electronic devices implanted in self-built circuits. He collaborates with ...Read More

IN ANY PALAVEREL UNIVERSE, LET US NOT BE FOOLED BY DESTINY In our country’s environment of toolerance and dialogue, this time, another accident happens in a coal mine. The utmost authority decrees: “it is in the nature, in the destiny of ...Read More

Mit Markus Detmer. Heute mit viel Musik von Reuber, der gerade seinen 40. Geburtstag gefeiert hat und im November sein neues Album "Ring" veröffentlicht. Außerdem: die Flying Lizards, David Cunningham, Klangwart, Ekkehard Ehlers, Voice Crack und Mustafa Özkent. Wie bei seinem Label ...Read More