Shortly after the first big public concert of this unusual orchestra (on Novemer 27), Gregor Hotz from ausland comes to the reboot studio to present selected recordings of this 24 piece orchestra, including a stunningly beautiful recording from a performance at the Berliner Hauptbahnhof on August 26.

Splitter Orchester combines the awesome collective power of 24 of Berlin’s most consistently creative, self motivated and conceptually optimistic musicians. The Orchester is not just an investigation into aesthetics, but a fully engaged dialog about metaphor, personality, society and the raw power of sound.

Like every group of musicians, habits exist, and assumptions are made – our work is about breaking these down, looking at the potential of every idea, relationship and desire, and genuinely opening a dialog about what improvisation is – living, breathing, fully committed spontaneity. The group is a construct of jazz musicians, new music composers, instrument builders, virtuosos, dilettantes and autodidacts Gregor Hotz, Clare Cooper and Clayton Thomas have chosen these 24 musicians from the enormous pool of Berlin based creative artists, because of their common  commitment to a personal path. They are all artists working on discovering their own unique music. By committing to extended collaboration on a major scale, this group of outstanding artists may truly experience and present an unprecedented music.

Liz Allbee (Trumpet), Boris Baltschun (Computer), Burkhard Beins (Percussion), Nicholas Bussmann (Cello), Anthea Caddy (Cello), Clare Cooper (Artistic Director, Harp & Guzheng), Anat Cohavi (Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax), Werner Dafeldecker (Double Bass), Mario de Vega (Electronics), Axel Dörner (Trumpet), Kai Fagaschinski (Clarinet), Helena Gough (Computer), Robin Hayward (Tuba), Steve Heather (Percussion), Chris Heenan (Contrabass Clarinet), Hilary Jeffery (Trombone), Matthias Müller (Trombone), Morten J. Olsen (Percussion), Penelopex (Field Recordings, Electronics), Simon James Phillips (Piano), Ignaz Schick (Turntable, Objects), Michael Thieke (Alto Clarinet, Clarinet), Clayton Thomas (Artistic Director, Double Bass), Sabine Vogel (Flutes)