Infinite Livez returns to the airwaves with his Friday night extravaganza of all that’s hot in the world of electronic music. Joining him will be none other than Dingy Dysu so expect the very latest in Electronica, Dubstep and Hip Hop. Also keep an ear out for brand spanking new exclusives and
special guest appearances from some of the most cutting edge artist around…

It’s gonna be PROPA ILL!!

Tracklist coming in! (updated)

  1. j.osborne: rub-a-dub party
  2. lotek hi-fi: sticks and stones
  3. lee “scratch” perry: babe sucker
  4. hey-o-hansen: if you love me
  5. digital mystikz: eyez
  6. dj borgore: ambient dub shit
  7. vex’d: out of the hills
  8. africa hitech: blen
  9. selda bagcan: mehmet emmi
  10. ersen: kozad dagi
  11. bustan avraham vs. dizzee rascal (freak s.edit)
  12. attica blues: the quest
  13. x.a.cute: can i touch it?
  14. infinite lifez: sumfink 4 nufink
  15. afrique: house of the rising funk
  16. unknown persian song
  17. (break)
  18. x.a.cute: jonathan hart
  19. ding dong: badman pull up remix
  20. carlton kilowatt: drama inmy pyjama
  21. mc soom t: flying high
  22. gold panda “you”

Glorious Mono