The Zero Hour #8 - A New taste For The Haste #3 - Hosted by Steve Morell

Here Steve Morell is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is new on the spot, which he got sent, which he is playing in his sets or just which is it worth to be listened to and which he don´t want to withhold to his listeners. Music from his own label (Pale Music Int.) or music from other friends labels or Artists he got sent. Its a not regular format as the normal “Zero Hour” program has to happen as well. But tonight he has to do already the second episode because there is coming so much good music out in the moment that he really have to present it.

01 Reboot Fm Jingle
02 Magnetik – Secrets
03 Please The Trees – I am afraid you
04 Seahorse Apears – No Means To An End
05 Tracy´O – Interlude
06 Tracy´O – Hey Hey
07 The Prostitutes – Holiday
08 Kill The Dandies! – She Walks Downtown (Live)
09 Lacosia – Elegy
10 Informer – I Don´t Understand
11 Kill The Dandies! – I Want It – Steve Morell Forest Shadow Version
12 Glamour To Kill – Creatures Without Soul
13 Dead Sexy Inc. – Afterhours – Paul PK Kendall Remix
14 Noblesse Oblige – Hit The Bongo
15 Jessie Evans – Is It Fire ?
16 Van Raveshot – Comme Des Histoires
17 Sedelmeier – Arschloch Tricks
18 Warren Suicide feat. T.Raumschmiere – Moving Close
19 Climatizado – Sorrow Is Better Than Joy (Die Alone)
20 The Drain – And The Death Has Gone
21 Kill The Dandies! – Fuzz ´N´ Shake
22 The Prostitutes – She´s A Prostitute
23 Climatizado – White Stockings
24 Ernest Drake – The Threat
25 Die Alten Maschinen – To Be Or Not
26 Electrosexual & Mz Sunday Love – I Feel Love
27 La Suite Bizarre ­ We Just Can´t Get Enough
28 The Uniques – Wild
29 Italoporno – Stardust
30 John Gazoo – Time Square Was Not Disney World (Compost Disco)