Or the roots of Ice-T Gate are hidden in the Hungarian Language:

It is a great challenge for a sound-sculptor usually juggling with words and sentences to produce a mix that is enjoyable for listeners of any mother-tongue. This is why in the first five minutes you are taught some Hungarian, then you get to the advanced level. I promise you get to the level of a native speaker in an hour! Naturally, the information is filled into your brain in brotherly portions, and in every five minutes you are taken for a face wash in the music of the most refreshing European languages.

Vidatoni is a sound artist, doing both talkradio and radioart in Tilos. He is also running his very own small community radio (Radio Tordas) from his livingroom in his home village near Budapest, while his garden houses the only local cinema in the neighbourhood, making it one of the most enviable ones at that. Yes, indeed, he has the kind of rare ability to make people speak the same language.


Ice-T Gate: National Media and Communications Authority contra Radio Tilos

In a letter dated 13th December 2010, the NMCA objects to an
English-language song (performed by Ice-T) in a show on 2nd September 2010
(at 5.51pm). The reaction by Radio Tilos was written with the help of Dr
Eva Simon, collaborator in the Freedom of Speech programme of the Society
for Freedom of Speech (TASZ ). Éva committed her time to the radio over
her family Christmas, so that the reply would be ready. We appreciate it a

You may listen to the problematic part here (from 21min 06 sec)

A strange dialogue of sense and interpretation has started to take shape
between the Radio and the Media Board, which is to make everyone with all
its might comply with the forthcoming media law.

The letter of the National Media- and Communication Authority: (in
Hungarian only so far)
the radio’s answer in English: