rolf-julius-webA special programme in memory of Rolf Julius (1939-2011)

Rolf Julius, born January 25, 1939 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, was a German sound and visual artist.

He died January 21, 2011 in Berlin. His installations and sound pieces focus on what he calls “small music”, often involvings arrays of small speakers playing quiet sounds such as insects.
In 1980 Rolf Julius’ pioneering work “Dike Line” was presented at the “Fϋr Augen Und Ohren” exhibition alongside work by John Cage, Nam June Paik, Bill Fontana, Milan Knizak, Harry Bertoia, and David Tudor. Since then Julius has created some of the most meaningful and moving works in the grey area between music and art, between sound and silence, slowly emerging as one of the most important and influential sound artists of our time. Whether using photographs, ink drawings, audio compositions, or subtle and sometimes almost hidden outdoor installations, Rolf Julius’ works serve as catalyst, increasing our awareness of the great beauty of the world that surrounds us.
“Julius draws our attention, that is both our visual and aural attention, towards minimal things and events that we normally ignore or show only a passing interest in: dirt piled up in a corner, the surface of a pond at the point of freezing, blades of grass… But as we move towards that place, that thing, faintly irradiating sounds slowly become clearer until suddenly everything there has taken on a new importance, and even a sense of mystery.” (Carlo Fossati, E/Static)
Morning Song (1981)
Music for the Earth (1981)
Für einen kleinen See (2002)
Brazil (2002)
Gamelan 1 (1995)
Music for the Air (1996)
Small Sounds meet Small Music (2005) with Miki Yui
Der Bach (1994)
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