Drexciya Special by Bleep43

Drexciya ist das Gemeinschaftspseudonym der Musiker James Marcel Stinson (* 14. September 1969; † 3. September 2002) und Gerald Donald aus Detroit, Michigan und gilt als eines der einflussreichsten Projekte der zeitgenössischen elektronischen Musik.

Water is life. Life started on this planet and other planets due to water. It is the cutting edge of creativity and innovation. You have billions of different species in the seas, oceans, lakes ponds and streams across the world. Millions of species still have not been discovered by man so is that the cutting edge of creativity or what? We approach our music the same way.”


Fear Of A Wet Planet by Kodwo Eshun



Welcome to Drexciya
Bubble Metropolis
Powers of the Deep
High Tech Nomads
Dr Blowfin´s Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
You don´t Know
Z-Turbine (Clarence G)
Dimensional Glide (Transllusion)
Isotopic Balance (Arpanet)
Future Tone (Elecktroids)
Nipponese Robots (Japanese Telecom)
4-Data Transfer (Clarence G)
Polymono Plexusgel
Undersea Disturbances
Sea Snake
Fusion Flats (Chaos 43 mix)
Black Sea
Shatterprone (Glass Domain)
Lake Haze
Polar Coordinates (Der Zyklus)
P2101V (Arpanet)
Lonely Journey of the Comet Bopp (Shifted Phases)
Memories of Me (Transllusion)
Gravity Waves
Drexcyen R.E.S.T Principle
Hydro Theory
Making of Ultraman (Japanese Telecom)
Aquabahn (remix)
Wave Jumper
Digital Tsunami
Crossing of the Sun-Ra Nebula (Shifted Phases)
Andrean Sand Dunes
Lifestyles of the Casual (The Other People Place)
Cascading Celestial Giants
Wireless Internet (Arpanet)
Vampire Island
Bottom Feeders
Doctor Blowfin´s Water Cruiser
Japanese Animation (Japanese Telecom)
Orbital Wavelengths (Arpanet)
Walking with Clouds (Transllusion)
It´s Your Love (The Other People Place)
Sighting in the Abyss
Neon Falls
Bermuda Triange (Abstract Thought)
The Last Transmission