a low bpm disco romance”

roughly mixed by Pit Schultz


The Stud, Movie Soundtrack Intro
György Ligeti - Study No. 2 Coulée, for organ
Holger_Czukay — hollywood_symphony
Quincy Jones - Snow Creatures
Vangelis - let it happen
Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics - Rain Dance
Zia Atabi - Helelyos
Giorgios Hatzinassios -  Pursuit
SSO - Faded Lady
michael_shrieve — transfer_station_blue
Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite  Love For The Sake Of Love
Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You
Henry_Mancini -_Baia
Sabu - Asabache
Passport - Puzzle
Ramsey Lewis - Summer breeze
Anette Peacock  - My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook