main-logoThis week on Now Hear This!  Paula Varjack invites the creators and contributors of the Berlin chapter of an exciting new literary journal: Tale of Three.

With their first issue on the horizon, these cosmopolitan creatives ware also about to launch their first live event, where stories  *donated* from the public will become inspiration for prose, poems or art.

GIVE STORIES // FRIDAY, 25.02.11 // KAUFBAR, Gärtnerstraße 4 // 17.00 – 21.00 —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  — 

A Tale of Three Cities is the first printed arts journal to get down on its knees and kiss the ground before Europe’s golden triangle: London, Paris and Berlin.

Launching in early 2011, A Tale of Three Cities will showcase work from the best emerging – and also more established – writers and artists in each city. It will only exist in real, touchable, paper copy. Good content should be matched not only with good design, but high quality paper, ink, printing and binding. A poem or photo is not the same on a computer screen. Divided into a London section, Paris section and then Berlin section, the journal will be released simultaneously in galleries, boutiques and bookshops across all three cities.

Ralph & Ruth (Berlin editors)

Originally a Sarf Londoner (leafy Dulwich actually), Ralph currently lives in Mitte with a stupendous view of the Fernsehturm and Adonis, the kebab shop. He spends his money on ties, flowers and aftershave; he’s probably spilt white wine on you in a club. A collection of his short stories appeared in Ganymede Magazine, a New York based arts journal, others were published by the Fun and Beautiful Journal last year and his story Assassins was published in Litro’s December issue.

Ruth relocated to Mehringdamm for the antiques, falafel, and to avoid life in a friend’s warehouse in North London. She has also lived in Paris, but feared that a return would put her in AA. She spends her days in Berlin pretending that she is Sally Bowles and drinking soy coffee. Currently a journalist with Berlin-based news site, The Local, she has also been published by The Mule, Index on Censorship and The Riveter. Most importantly for TOT, she is a full-time lomography nerd.


Helena Rosebery

Switzerland was too sterile for this Swauzzie, and she thought  freezing her tits off in Europe was better than baking them on a beach in Sydney. Satchel overflowing, she haunts East-side candlelit cafes, scribbling lousy prose and loading up on free biscuits. Helena uses her ‘If there was…’ project as an excuse to strike up conversations with beautiful strangers. A blog? Of course she’s got a blog.

Inna Selipanov

Inna has lived in a number of places – all of which feel a bit like home, along with other places she has never lived in nor visited. She is fluent in English, Russian and German, and can’t remember which one is her native. When she’s not working on her collection of short stories, she’s busy playing mom and wife to the cutest people one can possibly envision, objectively-speaking. Blog? Why yes, thanks for asking.Kev Alson
Possible the most mysterious expat in Berlin; internet searches just throw up dead ends and confusion. He writes the lives and deaths of hipsters and Bobos (probably your friends). If anyone knows him, get in touch…

Closing the show, and complimenting all the literary wonderfulness, a musical guest especially chosen by the Berlin Tale of Three team: Benjamin Pates.

Benjamin Pates

Benjamin aspires to resemble a 19th century French composer and even writes some music for cello too. He can be found touting an antique tripod between Kreuzberg cafes, speaking more Turkish than German, and sneaking shots of discarded high-heels and dirty bathtubs. He’s the one on the U7 with Shostakovich shrieking from dangling earphones and staring at you in the reflection. Blog blog blog.