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isyanbul (istanbul-resistance) is about the struggle of gozel radio characters with the new measures of securitization with microchips, implantable in humans or id cards, the undisputable acceptance of volunteering, the widespread utilization of genetically modified organisms, the use of animals and humans as guinea pigs in experiments, the introduction of neo-liberal family imams, the intensification of palaverel universe nightmares in dna fascism… the response of the turkish movie characters, to the politicians and firms, genetically modifying the truth, and getting the consent of people, first comes with a blow in the face, and then with a genetically modified carrot used as a stake .
GLOCAL IMAMS 30-11-2010
Immediately after the September 12th 2010 Referendum, a September 12th 1980 Coup style operation… It’s a foolish accusation since arrested leftists are the members of different groups that defend different political positions.
This police operation is only one of the signs of government’s Islamic fascist character. We are waiting new attacks. We are warning all working class organizations and calling to unite against government’s attacks.

Critics contend that the government is using the Ergenekon case to jail secular-minded foes and to silence opponents.
In the last year, operations undertaken by the police show that Ergenekon case is not the only pretext. Two other umbrella operations to are created to jail opponents that may not fit the Ergenekon case: the KCK trial is reserved for the Kurds, and “Revolutionary Headquarters” trial covers those in the far left.
The “family imam project”, subject to a controversial discussion for quite some time, was now implemented for the first time in Sarıçam, a central district of the south-eastern city of Adana.
A delegation made up of the district mufti, the preacher, the district imam and the head of the mosque foundation is going to visit the homes of the Sarıçam district and will inform the people on more than religious issues only.
The representatives of the delegation will give ideas on religious topics as well as the use of alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics; they will take an effort to drive the citizens away from bad habits.The family imam and the delegations will advise parents on observing their children’s friendships, stating that alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics might even trigger a suicide attempt.
The alleged discovery during last month’s raid of a computer file that focuses on the influence of an Islamic group within the police force, led police on Thursday to search the house of another journalist, Ahmet Sik, and detain him.
“Whoever touches it, gets burned,” television quoted Sik as saying as he was escorted into a police vehicle.
Bulent Utku, a lawyer for Sik, said his client is “accused of membership in an armed terrorist organization and provoking people to hatred and enmity.”
Utku said that Sik “thought the charges were related to his new book which he planned to name “the Army of the Imam.”
On the arrests of revolutionaries…15.10.2010
Family Imam 11.03.2011
“Whoever touches it, gets burned,” ( new book which he planned to name “the Army of the Imam ) 3.3.2011
Selda ( Turkish Protest Musician / Funk / Anatolian )
“This is called uncontrolled power and this ends in fascism /
I am very anxious. I am scared of what I am saying. This means, you can not speak.. 20.06.2010
rivers, the veins of Anatolia, are under attack by hydroelectric power stations which are rerouting the natural way of life in the rural regions of Anatolia.
The rivers are being diverted from their springs into huge pipes which flow all the way to the sea. In the name of production of electricity and privatisation the rivers are being stolen from their cherished natural habitat. These projects will affect the natural habitat of Anatolia irreversibly. However, there is strong resistance to these projects.