Show 314: Crossings by Barbara De Dominicis by radio papesse CROSSINGS is an emporium of memories documenting Naples and New York along the imaginary 41°parallel that ties them on the same latitude line. Two cities in continuous metamorphosis, revealing how fragile the ...Read More

from album " 2/5 BZ's No Touristik No egzotik Istanbul Cut-Up " This album includes the exact live mix that 2/5 BZ played during "No Music World Tournament III Internet Festival" on 10th September 2002. DE:BUG.73 ...Read More

Jeremy Woodruff interviews OBJECT COLLECTION: Travis Just and Kara Feely OBJECT COLLECTION was founded in 2004 by writer/director Kara Feely and composer/musician Travis Just. Based in Brooklyn, the group operates within the ...Read More

collected sounds by radioerevan about the different colors of revolutions, a diner table 1917 & other narrations. Read More