artworks-000006340678-10aenw-originalJeremy Woodruff interviews OBJECT COLLECTION: Travis Just and Kara Feely
OBJECT COLLECTION was founded in 2004 by writer/director Kara Feely and composer/musician Travis Just. Based in Brooklyn, the group operates within the intersecting practices of performance, experimental music and theater. They are concerned with simultaneity, complexity, and radicality, combining dense layers of text, notation, objects and processes. They work to give audiences unconventional viewing experiences through their merging of theatricality and pedestrian activity. Their works upset habitual notions of time, pace, progression and virtuosity, valuing accumulation above cohesion.Major projects include “The Geometry” (2010), “Problem Radical(s)” (2009), “Gun Sale” (2009),”FAMOUS ACTORS” (2007), “Evoke memories of a golden age” (2006) and “Is this a gentleman?” (2005). Their work has been published in PLAY A JOURNAL OF PLAYS and Antennae. More information about their projects and upcoming performances at

KARA FEELY is a writer, director and designer for experimental theater and interdisciplinary performance and co-director of Object Collection. Her work draws inspiration from experimental writing and music composition strategies, and combines a variety of materials, from found text fragments and landscapes of objects, to recorded interviews and radio broadcasts.
TRAVIS JUST comes from a background in improvised music and experimental composition, his work often uses texts, gesture, and unconventional technologies in addition to instruments and electronics. His music has been presented around the world. Additionally, Travis is the music curator at Incubator Arts Project. He has also curated at The Stone (New York) and has organized experimental and improvised music festivals and concerts throughout New York City. He received an MFA (composition/performance) from California Institute of the Arts and studied with James Tenney, Wadada Leo Smith and Michael Pisaro. Travis was a DAAD Scholar at the Hochschule für Musik, Köln and studied composition there with Johannes Fritsch. He is co-director of Object Collection.

Lautstrom: eine einstündige, monatliche Radiosendung mit jeweils einem Studiogast. A Project Lautstrom - mit Anna Bromley und Jeremy Woodruff.

Die Bewegung der Sendungen soll eine forschende sein. Ausgehend vom Studiogastformat soll das Radio als künstlerische Ressource untersucht werden. Dabei soll die Sendung zum auditiven Instrument der Untersuchung von Diskursinhalten aus medientheoretischen und künstlerischen Fragestellungen werden.