Cosmic Boogie says: Last week (last Thursday to be precise), I was asked to do a mix and interview for the Tropical Space Machine show on deep frequency radio. The initial part of the show (the first hour ...Read More

Two of Leipzig's most prominent electronic music artists, Kassem Mosse and Daniel Stefanik, introduce their home-town in this week's edition of our City Focus podcast. Composers like Bach, Wagner, and Mendelssohn Bartholdy made Leipzig one of Europe's musical centres during ...Read More

The Radia Network emerged from a series of meetings, clandestine events, late night club discussions and a lot of email exchanges between cultural radio producers across Europe. The topics vary and the reasons for forming a network ...Read More

Live from Berlin Ezra Bang (Ezra Bang and Hot Machine) brings a show curated in the spirit of Larry Levan. Sending out chill wavves into the early morning ether to all the displaced brothers and sisters. Post disco, ...Read More

Onkel Berni ist dabei! In Vertretung der TCHIK die heute in Wismar gastieren, erzählt Onkel Berni in der ersten Stunde der Sendung übers Essen.... In der zweiten Hälfte gehts wieder um MusikKlatsch. MusikKlatsche ist ...Read More