jetlagsCaves authentic and artificial, elevator shafts and shower booths; water runs from up to down and animals clip two to four legs to earth. Directions and movement together make shapes.

“The concept for the world as a three section space, a circular cross with four directions, motivate the apotropaic loading of the geometic figures—a circle, a cross, a square, a broken or wavy line, zigzag. A preferable place for the use of geometric figures are the ending part of traditional costume—belts, etc.—an echo of the belief that God has placed the belt on the human as a sign for the ‘Golden Middle’” (From Apotropes Exhibition, Ethnological Museum, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

This evening’s episode of the Jetlag Archipelago is a fluid sonic slide show of original field recordings by the SOFAR Channel (DJSeeks Same and Delikassette) taken between June 7-28th in Bulgaria.

• Sofia—Train station
• Plovdiv—Echoes in a Plovdiv bathroom
• Ardino—AM radio in guesthouse
• Sofia—Nevski Cathedral, squeaking sneakers, chanting monks, wedding celebrations
• Yagodina—Flourescent light in Yagodina Cave
• Yagodina—Wasp’s nest
• Road Trigrad-Yagodina—Cow herder and nipping dog
• Trigrad—Call to prayer
• Road Trigrad-Zhrebevo—Can lids strung together as scarecrows
• Kardzhali—Nationalist parade and flag ceremony
• Plovdiv—Shower
• Trigrad—Emerging from “Devil’s Throat” cave
• Plovdiv—American TV program/ gypsy playing violin out the window
• Yagodina—Interpretive talk in cave
• Kardzhali—Children’s rides in the park
• Sofia—Emerging from the icons in the basement of Nevski Cathedral
• Devin-Smolyan—Bus radio