The Staubgold DJ Mix CD “Kraut und Rüben: Gebrüder Teichmann Play Staubgold” featuring special live guests Schlammpeitziger (A-Musik, Sonig) and Andrew Pekler (Scape, Kranky). Presented by Digital in Berlin and ! Horst Krzbrg, Friday, July 22 ...Read More

ELITE CARD = DNA POLICE & NEO FASCISM .............................................................. Biz Hiç Bir Ölümle Gurur Duymuyoruz opua dişın 7 generations of order ..once the worker who is the creator of everything, owns his/her own labor, rights and honor, once he/she ...Read More

Der Versuch eines Gespräches mit einem Ausländer in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo. Die mit Sicherheit wunderbare Musik aus der Demokratischen Republik Kongo im ausländischen Radio. Bei sich heute etwas annähernden ...Read More

Manuela Krause live from one of the most beautiful spots in Berlin  at our first Urban Peas event this summer: AUDIO VIDEO PASSION.... more info: Read More

The Night of the Hunter Am mikrofon: Moritz Sommer & Felix Patis (Radio Campus Paris) Read More

La radio a pedali / Radio on wheels’ is a project produced by Radio Papesse in collaboration with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Theatre and Radio 3 Rai. ‘Radio on wheels’ is a participatory project with which Radio Papesse ...Read More

A random map of life in Berlin. Today: Wassermusik - Concerts and Films this week: Yemen Blues On Disappearing Allmende Kontor Schokoladen 21 Jahre Hoffest Und Musik Kraut und Rüben: is proud to present the Staubgold DJ Mix CD “Kraut und Rüben: ...Read More

On Sunday, July 17th at 18:00 is proud to host Felix Patis (Radio Campus Paris) during a live broadcast to our partners Radio Zero in Lisbon! Radio Real will be a neighbourhood radio located at Rua do Poço ...Read More