venusAngie Reed & Boris Gotobed

Not broadcasting 60 minutes of whale songs emerging from the middle of the Atlantic ocean or submarines for that matter, and it’s not sounds of the suburbs either… Nonetheless, it’s SUPER-SUB-SONIC! Sink your ear fangs deeper into the deep, the chasm of strange and unknowingness, abyss amiss, catch the wave of who knows what comes next…? It does taste like molten metal! The sound buffet on the deck’s display has an array of themes, genres and rare treasures to either hi-jack your hearing or at least turn captan’s quarters into a sound brothel. Put your pirate costume back on, stop hiding your love-boat posters and give Polly a cracker - SUPER-SUB-SONIC is on the radar with your hostess Angie Reed and co-captan Boris Gotobed!