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Interviewer: Like so many other famous women designers you wear only black. Is that because it’s easy?
Rei Kawakubo: I’d put it the other way around — black’s easy because I like black.”

Interview with Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, “Vogue” 1987

Illaiyaraaja-Title Music
Sculpture-Command Signal
Brume-Dans Le Silence Part 2
Sculpture-Belleville Springs
Iibiis Rooge -White Light is Gone
Elvis Presley-Blue Moon
Der Plan-Film Noir Prog
Grauzone-In der Nacht
Conrad Schnitzler and Gregor Schnitzler-Untitled
The Reporters-Bare Hands
Infinite Light-Heely Invocation
Zoviet France-Angelus