KQSM – Kerker, Quote, Stubenmusi … DJ Officer, Officer & der Paulator, Angie Reed VOICES/STIMMEN – Stimmphänomene technischer und spiritistischer Art, Stimmen der Natur, sexy voices Mit der legendären Mottenmann-Sendung zum Phänomen schizophrener Stimmenhörer schrieben DJ Officer, Officer und der Paulator einmal mehr Radiogeschichte. Heute ...Read More

Jetlag Archipelago # Ruins “We have no interest in the scenes of antiquity, only as lessons of avoidance of nearly all their examples. The expansive future is our arena, and for our history. We are ...Read More

The first show from Bionerd that explores and explains the complex science of the world we live in. Mind blowing! http://www.youtube.com/user/bionerd23 Read More

radia is a network of independent radio stations who have a common interest in promoting and producing artworks for the radio, and in forming related projects based on broadcasting and cultural exchange. We produce a weekly radio ...Read More

Kombiticket’s Sunday Service, the outreach program at the NGBK, Berlin. This recording was made on the 5th of November as part of one of metroZones AG’s ‘Salons’ in the NGBK prior to the opening of the exhibition ...Read More