friederichAll truly great thoughts are conceived while walking RADIA EDIT
by radio papesse, Turin

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking (Sondaggio: Torino) is a collaboration between Radio Papesse and Graham Hudson, the artist invited by Progetto Diogene at the residenza Bivacco Urbano in Turin. Sondaggio:Torino is a soundwalk, a peculiar city tour of the most ancient part of Turin (the Quadrilatero Romano) guided by Graham Hudson. In this walk the artist was accompanied by Luca Morino (writer and musician) and Fabrizio Diciotti of the Torino Archeology Group.

The aim was to produce an audiowalk that would include words and speculations about the historical and contemporary Torino. The resulting tour takes the listener from the Quadrilatero Romano, a recognised symbol of Turin’s mythology to the Progetto Diogene Tram – a symbol of transitory architecture.
Along the way Graham Hudson’s talks about his work, his interventions on the architectural space of Torino, and his evolving sculptures provide fleeting landmarks that play between these concepts.