Hosted by Steve Morell Steve Morell is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is new on the spot, which he got sent, which he is playing ...Read More

The latest missive from Angie Reed on her secret island music haven. Read More

Thanks to a generous grant from the University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms-Austrian Room Committee Scholarship, Jeremy Woodruff travelled to Vienna to study electronic music with and interview composer Karlheinz Essl. ...Read More "Aufgabe von Kunst heute ist es, Chaos in die Ordnung zu bringen." Hinter dem Pseudonym "Jodi" verbergen sich die beiden Künstler Joan Heemskerk und Dirk Paesmans. Beide können als Pioniere der Netzkunst bezeichnet werden, ...Read More

WITH THE WIND by TIME INVENTORS’ KABINET radio in september 2011, members from of TIME INVENTORS’ KABINET (TIK) met in bratislava for another week of collective research on radio as a tool for investigating alternate traces of time. this time, we ...Read More

Global Prayers: Piko Be in "Der kaltblütige Samaritar von Frankenwald, Richtung Berlin Erster von drei Beiträgen für den Sunday Service "Religion'n'Roll Radio" vom Autor und 
Musiker Federico Sánchez aka Piko Be (Kamerakino / Das Weiße Pferd / Kein ...Read More