tbc-rbwtw-vk-001WITH THE WIND

in september 2011, members from of TIME INVENTORSKABINET (TIK) met in bratislava for another week of collective research on radio as a tool for investigating alternate traces of time.
this time, we went with the wind. literally.
for not only our research was guided by the wind, but also our radio transmissions.

the week started with the opening of the exhibition ‘vietor a cas’ (‘wind and time’) in ASIL gallery, Bratislava – directly connected to the radio art week not only because the works presented were about wind, time, sound, and transmission.
among the latter were also two installations of wind clocks built by barb huber, the underwear clock and the laundry clock – both moved by the door’s back draught generated by visitors entering and leaving the exhibition space.
together with other wind clocks built by members of the TIME INVENTORSKABINET, these temporary wind clocks were driving the wind time on which the whole TIK radio art week’s schedule was built upon.