Analfabet/Elements of soundpoetry” is the title of my work-in-progress live-program of soundpoetry and minimal spoken word. The pieces are a combination of written composition and improvisation. I am using a loop pedal to create strong repetitive-rhythmic patterns and word/soundpiles consisting of many layers. Sometimes I use Air-FX effects. All pieces are live-recordings with no overdubs. Most pieces are mono-recordings to intensify the densitiy of the soundlayers. Different versions of these pieces have been published on “gruenrekorder” label and in different anthologies/compilations. The live-program has been presented internationally at poetry, art & music events (e.g. in Helsinki, Madrid, Barcelona, Chicago, Madison).

Dirk HuelsTrunk
b. 1964 in Frankfurt. International soundpoet, writer, audio artist, curator, teacher for creative writing/performance poetry.