Awesome ! We had such a good time. Thank you Raster-Noton, thank you Frank and Grischa ! We have been really looking forward to do this show. Raster-Noton is known worldwide for their very unique music, they sent Frank Bretschneider and Grischa Lichtenberger to play 3 hours of music. Additionally, we had very informative interviews on this genre of electronic music. Check out the videos and recordings ! Hope you like it ! If so, make sure to go buy some of their music and visit their gigs. Thank you ! In between of the performances and over the interviews we had the experimental mix “Dataplex 27” from Nicron playing, you can find it here.

Music: Frank Bretschneider & Grischa Lichtenberger (Raster Noton)

Moderation: Fresh Meat & Kandel (Berlin Mitte Institut)

The interview questions focused around the following questions:

1. What is experimental music ?
2. In which contexts and how it is being used / listened too ?
3. How is this music being produced ?
4. Are there any patterns in this music, if yes: Which ones ?
5. What are the main influences / important artists?
6. How does it refer to musical science ?
7. How is it different from House / Techno ?
8. How is this music related to other forms of art, like dance, visuals, film ?
9. What does it tell us about the society we live in ?
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