stackrsonic archaeology/ptraces of death

The pick was [then] used to hammer on the surface, and by this means,
the Angle Ditch was discovered. The sound produced by hammering on an
excavated part is much deeper than on an undisturbed surface, a
circumstance worth knowing when exploring a grass-grown downland,
though not applicable to cultivated ground.

[Augustus Pitt Rivers. Excavations in Cranborne Chase. Volume IV. 1895]

Sonic archaeology is a revealing, an exposing of the machinic past,
and a divining of the future; predicting and observing the end of a
process. This archaeology is necessarily expressed on that which is

With remote special guest Shintaro Miyazaki, of algorhythmics fame,
Martin Howse explores, through recordings, live action and
conversation, the otherwise hidden domain of invisible process and
execution within the machines which surround us. As a finale, the
simple site of execution will be shifted, from central semiconducting
processor, to the skin of the hand.