Track artworkIMAMORALITY TALES ( 1980 - 2012 )


This is the work of a special-beautification (with eye and hand) association that has grown as
no-exotic due to its activities in the back yard of turkish pop cinema (yesilcam) . The association is called 2/5 bz, and in this work, it has used demoralization approach and reflected it on modern painting.

yeşilçamın arka bahçesinde yürüttüğü faaliyetleri sebebiyle egzotiksiz büyüyen 2/5bz adlı
gözelleştirme derneğinin, demoralize yöntemini kullanarak modern resme yansıttığı çalışması.
( 1991 - 2011 )

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with speech of minister of interior affair on 26 December 2011 ;
- we will make a painting together… modern…

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he/she is are supporting terror by making a diversion, by making up excuses at his/her own whim, by making it plausible.

maybe by painting, he/she is reflecting it (terror) to the canvas, by writing a poem, he/she is reflecting it (terror) to his/her poetry.

he/she is trying to demoralize, by directly making it (terror) the subject of his/her work, article, art.

there are indirect terrorist activities that take place in the back yard, and the back yard is istanbul, izmir, bursa, vienna, germany,london, washington, whatever…

it (the back yard) is departments at universities, associations, non governmental organizations.
this is a necessity of this age. the more we have non governmental organizations, the more democratic a country we are. this is the case.

but fromt he perspective of terror, those places have to be infiltrated. they infiltrate, you infiltrate, they have infiltrated.

it is an innocent association. you can see it as an association for beautification. you can see it as an association of culture. you can see it as an association of education. you can see it as a think-tank organization.

a center for the production of knowledge. not armed terror.

there is another aspect. there is psychological terror. there is scientific terror. there is a back yard that feeds terror.

in other words, by making it (terror) a subject of his/her art… maybe by painting, he/she is reflecting it (terror) to the canvas…
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bir resim yapacagiz birlikte… modern…
we will make a painting together… modern…

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Aziz Nesin ;

turkey does not and can not bring up a globally renown scientist. it does not and can not bring up such like a philosopher.

the artists are struggling. this is in every field… in painting, in poetry…

once, they used to chase poets for being communists. why? because they could not understand the poems they wrote
With the support of the palaces of Europe and the world’s largest employment problem of justice
to work out his roots, customized f, t, .. a type of prisons in the company as a cheap labor force,
gushing towards becoming a global brand ‘advanced justice’

avrupa’nın ve dünya’nın bu en büyük adalet saraylarının desteği ile istihdam sorununu
kökten halledip, özelleştirilmiş f , t ,..tipi hapishanelerin şirket olarak ucuz iş gücüyle bir
dünya markası olma yolunda coşan ‘ileri adalet’ 16.1.2012