spektralby Laura López Paniagua (ES), 2012

// Project Space of Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
// 28.01.–05.02. › daily 12–19:00
// On air 03.02.–05.02. › Reboot.fm UKW 88.5 › daily 21–22:00
// Stream 03.02.–05.02. › Reboot.fm › daily 21–5:00

Though secret information is not revealed, it is involuntarily transmitted. It can be received by one’s unconsciousness, affecting one’s behavior in ways that are alien to him/her. An example for this phenomenon is a family secret; its origin can be very distant, hidden in generations that have perished long ago and that hold no direct bond to those who are still reacting to their secrets. Such ghostly transmissions affect bodies. If walls could decode these signals and transform them into acoustic waves we would be able to hear the murmur of millions of secrets traversing time and space, using our unconsciousness as a receiver.

The “Spectral Transistor” evidences this stream of unconscious information. An archive of secrets was made with anonymous contributions. The information gathered resulted in a broadcast, as if these spectral currents have managed to interfere with the regular electromagnetic radio waves (Reboot.fm), and the walls of the exhibition space have turned into receptors for these signals (Project Space).