Mo Loschelder presents at her Media Loca Radio Show #3:
NOTIC NASTIC, an explosive neon cocktail of sugary pop bubbles, sharp vocals and distinctive dark notes.
For this broadcast they will be represented by their President “N 1” and their Minister Of Articulation “N 2”.
Be ready for lots of NOTIC NASTIC songs and funny background info, for astonishing musical references and upfront political statements!

More info on NOTIC NASTIC:
Plus, for info about the here mentioned “food coops”:


Notic Nastic Sunsetboys (Fullscreen)
Notic Nastic “Cyanide” (Fullscrenn)
Notic Nastic “The Luckiest Pig In Albany” (It’s Dark But It’s Okay)
Laurie Anderson “Big Science” (Big Science)
En Vogue „Free Your Mind“ (Funky Divas)
Notic Nastic “Sleptight” (It’s Dark But It’s Okay)
Notic Nastic “Witch” (Fullscreen)
Notic Nastic “Clicker Control” (Fullscreen)
Lene Lovich “Lucky Number” (Stateless)
Notic Nastic “I Don’t Wanna Do It Right” (Fullscreen)
Sissters “Cool Cat Alliance” (There’s a Party in My Mouth But you’re Not Invited)
Apparatjik “Data Scroller” (We Are Here)
Stereo Total “Do The Bambi” (Do The Bambi)
Pixies “Holiday Song”(Death to the Pixies)
Easter “310 G” (Ur A Great Babe)
Notic Natic “Stupid Happy” (It’s Dark But It’s Okay)
Notic Nastic “Both Eyes Open” (Fullscreen)