präsentiert von Zastrow & Barakat DIE DUNKLE SEITE DER WELTMUSIK/THE DARK SIDE OF WORLD MUSIC with special guest and live performance by PHAROAH CHROMIUM Mit/with Special Guest & Live Performance von/by PHAROAH CHROMIUM Schrecklich aber wahr, dies ist die letzte ALTER EGO RADIO SHOW ...Read More

Alanna Lockward discusses Be.Bop 2012 with Diana McCarty BE.BOP 2012- BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICSis an international screening program and transdisciplinary roundtable centered on Black European citizenship in connection to recent moving image and performative practices. It will take place at ...Read More

The Radia Network emerged from a series of meetings, clandestine events, late night club discussions and a lot of email exchanges between cultural radio producers across Europe. The topics vary and the reasons for ...Read More

Disco ist eine Stilrichtung der Popmusik, die um 1975 zu einem eigenständigen Musikgenre wurde. Texte, Melodie und oft auch der Gesang treten bei Disco-Musik in den Hintergrund; Tanzbarkeit, Groove, ein Beat von etwa 100 bis 120 Schlägen pro Minute (bpm) ...Read More

"Quiero música nacional en la radio" - im Rahmen einer aktuellen Kampagne tragen viele Musiker in Costa Rica T-Shirts mit diesem Satz. BEAT IN STEREO erfüllt diesen Wunsch und spielt jede Menge Musik ...Read More

"Hey, Berlin is such an awesome city; I'm going to move there for the summer and do some arty stuff." People have been coming to Berlin to make music for many years. Just ...Read More

Born 1954 in Tunesia, Noureddine Ben Redjeb lives in Berlin since 1975. His voice is known from Radio Multikulti, where he used to moderate his own show. Today he works as a concert, ...Read More

7 Years of BassTheWorld mit Submerse, Bardeya Veranstaltungstipp: 16. Mai um 21:00 bis 17. Mai um 08:00.. Freier Eintritt bis 23:00 ### About 7 Jahre sind vergangen seit dem die BassTheWorld crew das Erstemal in Berlin ...Read More

What does The VOICE continuously stand for? Reclaim the Agenda - Break isolation of refugees from the lager: The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena – Thüringen – Berlin – Göttingen – Baden-Württemberg – Sachsen-Anhalt founded 1994 in the Refugee Isolation Camp Mühlhausen /Thüringen Member ...Read More

Thunderbird Gerard on the decks. Live from Berlin, Thunderbird Gerard presents a show curated in the spirit of Larry Levan. Post disco, Early House and all things designed to free your ...Read More