DJ Zhao presents:

Like previous FUSION volumes, Djinn Bass constructs sonic amalgamations in heterogeneous concurrence, testament to the audio-poetic range and power of hybridity.  These mash-edits present a cultural alchemy in search of new possibilities, new horizons, new experiences through combination of pre-existing forms, forms often perceived as opposites by discontinuous, inhibited, and biased minds.  But no.  There is no separation, the myriad of deep connections are not, and have never been broken, and in light of the failure of Multiculturalism as an artificial program designed and sanctioned by dominant culture, perhaps in these fully integrated rhythms a metaphor of functioning and mutually beneficial Polyculturalism can be glimpsed.

Grounded in the rhythmic traditions and tonal language of North Africa and the Middle East*, Djinn Bass fuses Sufi Ritual Music and Club Beats, Sacred Egyptian Hymns and Abstract Dub, Classic Rai and Dubstep, Turkish Taqsim and Tech House, Moroccan Chaabi anthems and Tribal Electro.  Ouds, Flutes, and Darbukas mix and blend with electronic pulse; vocal refrains underpinned by digital bass, sometimes chopped, looped, and dubbed out.  Decidedly anti short-attention-span, as the FUSION series have increasingly become, the tracks are long because the element of duration is essential for the ecstatic and immersive nature of this music.


01 Georges Kazazian-Sagate Tassabih + Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Pattern 4
02 Salam E Varzesh - E Bastani + Sideshow - African Cherry (Zhao Extended Edit)
03 Farhang Sharif - Pishdaramad Homayoun + J Kenzo-Conqueror
04 Yaşar Akpençe - Kings of Tomorrow + Jason Cheiron - Afrotastico
05 Unknown - Sultana + Doomwork-Isla
06 Flutes Gasba Du Nord - Est De L’Algerie + Uncle Bakongo - Makonde
07 Es’lam Yfattar_VS_Dj Gregory-Elleeol Ritual (Zhao Percussive Mix)
08 Cheikha Rimitti - Mohammed Ay Sidi + Dj Jeroenski - African nights + Roska - Squark
09 Tabla Voyage - Tablat Barhum + Roska - Jackpot
10 Nass El Ghiwane - Salif Albattar + Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance
11 Nass El Ghiwane - Iahmami + Raw Artistic Soul-Keep On Shining
12 Scarab - Fall of The Towers of Convention + Dead Can Dance - Saldek + Foiledtorsos - The Specialist
13 Ali Hassan Kuban - Walla Abshero + Malente & Dex - Bangkok (James Braun & Dan M Remix)
14 Birol Yayla & Şenol Filiz - Outro