Archipelago - a game for artists and curators
Sunday, 3rd of june 5p.m. at KW-Berlin

Anke Westermann presents a boardgame for five persons based on found digital pictures of artworks.
The players aim is to populate a number of islands with… a random selection of pieces representing artworks. Every player can add their pieces as long as they “fit” to a next neighboring piece, guided by affinity, association and the principle of ‘good company’ - and if the rest of the group agrees.
When the first player has put all pieces onto the board, the game is over and a final selection of works of each island is put onto to the wall.
The picture, which is produced this way, represents “the exhibition” of the day, developed by participating players and the host of the game.

Guests: Peter Funken, Marvin Altner, Thorsten Goldberg, Jeni Fulton

June 3, 18.00 - 19.00, KW Berlin, ArtWiki Room.
Broadcast 20.00 88.4 Mhz
with livestream and podcast.