Inside the ships vol. 2 - Ocean Radio mit Dylan Thomas, Arthur Rimbaud & Gavin Bryars (The SiNKiNG of the TiTANiC)
gesendet von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig aus dem Jenseits der Unterhaltung

Inside the ships
Look and act
Inside the ships
Orphan said
We tell you all our secrets
Inside the ships
We show you, how to dance
Inside the ships
We do the easy-bone
We do the hyperdrone
We do the lost graph
We do the saturday
You do the quicksand
I do the curious end
We do the robertize
Well that’s not a big surprise
So come on home
We do the chocolate foam
Come on home
We do the chocolate foam
We do the freakorella
Come on home
We do the chocolate foam

- Tarwater (from the album “Inside the ships”)