Radio Spätkauf is regular conversation about life in Berlin, from the perspective of two international residents. Maisie and Joel discuss
topics such as architecture, public transport, culture, Ostalgia, politics, and music.

Episode 15: Fighting against anti-tourist angst in Berlin

Negative slurs against tourists and internationals are becoming more common in Berlin. One group is standing up for us new arrivals, and interestingly they come from the German anti-fascist movement. We interview the Hipster Antifa about why old revolutionaries in Kreuzberg have become so “spiesig” about party tourists. Their theory: a mixture of boredom, jealousy and misdirected anger.
Also, we talk about the Berlin mayor’s plan to bid for the 2024 Olympic games, and why it is such a terrible idea. And we feature the Berlin band I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.