Show 407: Out Come The Wolves by La Danse de l’Ours/Radio Grenouille Out come the wolves is the second sound piece of Nicolas Perret and Cédric Anglaret’s project The four seasons of Paanjärvi in which, since 2009, they focus on the ...Read More

with DJ SEEKS SAME in collaboration with the So Far Channel The So Far Channel presents a summary of findings, sonic and visual, in a limited edition cassette tape and book. Aleatory data from expeditions to Tangier, Tennessee, New Mexico, old ...Read More

STEIM log completes a short series of audible logbooks, in this case and in part documenting a short residency, workshop and peformance at STEIM in Amsterdam, exploring the notion of detection; sound as a revealing of the material world. More details ...Read More

Heute zu Gast Martin Tomiak! Martin fuhr die letzten Jahre auf dem Forschungsschiff Maria S. Merian und erzählt uns heute kein Seemannsgarn sondern seine einschneiden-sten Erlebnisse an Bord. Garniert mit Musik von und ...Read More