Very few very large companies provide the basic online services and network infrastructures for us. So we better understand how these companies function, how powerful they are and which ethics and beliefs they hold on to. Marcell Mars aka Nenad Romic currently researches the practices and strategies of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Ebay, particularly Google. Part of his research is also their interrelation with the open source/free culture scene. I have met Marcell during the CTM festival about 6 weeks ago, and will discuss his perspectives (a little late) together with Marek Tuszynksi during this month’s S*P*A*R* show. Are private companies suitable organizational structures to provide basic infrastructures at all, even if they really don’t want to be evil? This leads to wider questions beyond just Google, but let’s see how far we will get. Because we also want to play some great music by Xiu Xiu, Holly Herndon, Willis Earl Beal, Millennium, and maybe some more.
On the microphone: Andrea Goetzke