With the regular ELS host Mike Hentz out of town, the program will be hosted by someone ELS.

Guest selector: Sergei Kleyn, writer and composer from Odessa, Ukraine.

The show, as always, will be BEAUTY, in all of its manifestations, extreme, absurd, grotesque, paradox, banal, and so forth.
Looking for new definitions of beauty through sound medium.

Sergei Kleyn „Good Morning, Szabadka!“ * rain and shakuhachi in a parking lot, Serbia, field recording 2012
Ukr.tele.kom „Schneeberg“, Austria 2012 (Christian Auer on ceramic bowl)
Ethiopia Vol. 3 „Music of Eritrea“ recorded by Jean Jenkins. Tangent records, LP.Track A6 / koboro drums and chirawatta plus voice
Maria Maze (Ukraine) and Bunn (Keswick, UK) – “Wotsit?” 2009 www.soundcloud.com/bunn
Tomahawk „Mescal Rite“ from „Anonymous“ 2007
Djivan Gasparyan (duduk) from the Melodia records LP Armenian Melodies. Recorded 1982.
Gretel „Red Design“ (St. Petersburg. http://soundcloud.com/gretel-3 )
Ben Goldberg „Statement of a theme on Contra alto clarinet“
Леонид Федоров “На краю” Leonid Fedorov (of AuktYon) NA KRAYU, Russia, St. Petersburg 2011
John Cooper Clarke „Twat“
Fred Frith ‘Blue’ from CLEARING 2000.
ROMSKY FOLKLOR, Gypsy Folk Music, ROMARTT-interunie LP, recorded 1990, track A3
Tony Oxley, drums „Oryane“, recorded 1969
Polyphonies Mongo, music from Congo – DANSE „Esoya“, OCR 53, lp.
Bunn (UK) „I control the dead“ www.soundcloud.com/bunn
Ukr.tele.kom “For R. Mutt”, 2012 www.soundcloud.com/ukr-te
Pankifared aka Alexander Kohanovsky (piano, Kiev, Ukraine) “Waiting for spring” 2013, www.soundcloud.com/pankifared
birds recorded in USSR, LP on Melodia
Naked City “Speedball” (from NAKED CITY 1990)
T. Valentine “Hello, Lucille, are you a lesbian?”
James Chance “Dressed to kill”
John Coltrane “Dearly Beloved” from SUN SHIP, 1965
Shadows Pole (Ukraine) “Sky” from “Shallows Dope” 2013 free download FLAC on shadowspole.bandcamp.com
Oum Kalthoum from HAWA HAKAM ALEENA EL LP. Side A, selection
Andrew Hill (piano) “Malachi”
Johnny Cash “Lord is gonna cut you down”
Arvo Pärt “Fratres” from ECM LPTABULA RASA
Ukr.tele.kom “No More White Dresses…” from THE HOLY TERRORS (Theater Music) 2013 ukrtelekom.bandcamp.com
Bennie Maupin (Bass clarinet) “Blinkers”
Henry Rollins “Music Boy” (poetry)
Annette Peacock “Succub”
Betty Davis “Feeling”
Annette Peacock “Succub (spanish coda)”

PS somewhere in the middle “that’s what poetry is(n’t)” by Sergei Kleyn