2006am9805_print_the_op_spectacles_0With DJ SEEKS SAME*

Like an immense submarine temple, the white bulk of the planetarium stood before him, illuminated by the vivid surface water. The steel barricades around the entrance had been dismantled by the previous divers, and the semicircular arc of doors which led into the foyer was open. K switched on his helmet lamp and walked through the entrance. He peered carefully among the pillars and alcoves, following the steps wihich led up into the mezzanine. The metal reailings and chromium display panels had rusted, but the whole interior of the planetarium, sealed off by the barricades by plant and animal life of the lagoons, seemed completely untouched, as clean and untarnished as on the day the last dykes had collapsed.”

- JG Ballard, The Drowned World

Featuring sounds from:

Edgardo Canton
KK Null
Nurse with Wound
Andre Saint-Obin
Electricity feat. Fire Eater
Ensemble of Unique Instuments
Hugues O.
Legendary Pink Dots
Novy Svet
Martin Rev
Os Kiezos


*Post-production assistance provided by Mix Master Crumble