Radio Spätkauf is the Berlin podcast, a half-hour news and interview show hosted by Joel and Maisie, two international residents of the city. On this episode: Berlin's abandoned theme park, Spreepark at Plänterwald, is to be auctioned off, with a ...Read More

mixed live by Mike Hentz compiled by Mike Hentz with Iwanka Skrivanek featuring Iwanka Skrivanek reading from THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS by Mike Hentz (Russian translation by Sergei Kleyn) engineered and edited by Sergei Kleyn 1. Respighi "Fountains of Rome" LP 2. THEY FOUND MY BODY ...Read More

This time alot of music - much more then usual, went through the wave of nostalgia standing on the top of the roof of the roof of the Casa Poporului in Bucharest - in another words the palace of Ceaușescu. ...Read More

Heute zu Gast bei Guido Plonski ein annonymer Grenzer, der in den Tagen des Mauerfalls u.a. neben der Quadriga auf dem Brandenburger Tor saß. Was geschah in den Tagen vor und nach dem Mauerfall in der Truppe und wie fühlte ...Read More