Performance special, vol. 1

Mike Hentz (performance lecture, sound selection)
Sergei Kleyn (live mixing, sound selection)

and featuring Electric current short circuits spontaneous performance (turning the CD players off and on, thus contributing to the mix) live direct from Reboot Fm studios, HKW.

1. Soldiers training, China | recorded by Mike Hentz
2. Laurie Anderson | Born, Never Asked
3. Andre, Mark Tokar, Klaus Kugel | various selections from the album „Varpai“
4. Olaf Rupp | Loose Fragments Of Rock That…
5. Yemen | field recordings by Maksims Shentekus
6. Social leader speech, China | recorded by Mike Hentz
7. Captain Beefheart | Well (live 1978)
8. Zoot Sims and Al Cohn | Improvised Music for Two Unaccompanied Saxophones
9. Tunjehu Market, China | recorded by Mike Hentz
10. Rolling Stones | I’m Free
11. Joe Tex | You Said a Bad Word
12. Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre | Poesie sonore from „Madame Revue Sonore vol.1”
13. Andrej Prozorov and Milos Todorovski | Music for a While (Henry Purcell) and other selections from the album “While“ (2012)
14. Veljo Tormis | choir music from the album “Star Bride“ (various selections)
15. Pussy Riot | Богородица, Путина прогони! (Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!)
16. Anti-Flag | Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Chase Putin Away (Pussy Riot cover)
17. Xero Slingsby and the Works | iovae | quatervois | track 1 | Zarel label 08, 2004
18. Francisco Lopez | Untitled #247 | from “Sound Ecology: Range | Nitkie records, Russia, 2011
19. Street singer, China | recorded by Mike Hentz
20. Ukr.tele.kom | 8 Unfinished Portraits of Dmytro Kurovskiy | from “Compositions & Improvisations” | arterija.org release, 2007
21. Roland Keijser | Dansa med Möss and other selections from the album “Blashal” 2004

somewhere in the mix:

“Sie Puppe mit Puppen”, “What a Beauty”, “Anna Blume”
(all poems by Kurt Schwitters) | live reading by Clara Hahn