Mike Hentz featuring Sergei Klein and KLIMA Berlin. 48 hours….

The Month of Performance Art-Berlin (MPA-B) is a month-long platform, whose central focus is the promotion and support of independent, contemporary and experimental performance art theories and practices in Berlin.

Running annually from the 1st to the 31st of May and featuring hundreds of performance art projects at dozens of locations across the city, MPA-B was founded in 2011 with 5 main objectives at its core:

to facilitate connections and develop cooperation amongst venues, curators, networks, organisations and other independent players working in the field of performance art;
to support and draw attention to Berlin’s unique community of performance artists and practitioners whose work challenges, explores and embodies a multiplicity of artistic forms and languages;
to foster innovative critical discourses, practice-based exchanges and interactions between performance art makers and new audiences;
to explore and confront new models and methodologies of curating, producing, promoting, sustaining, creating, making, understanding and talking about performance art; to document the history of contemporary performance art practices in the city through the annual Berlin Performance Art Report.

Now in its 3rd edition, MPA-B 2013 brings once again experimental and ground-breaking performances to the general and specialised public alike, with an eclectic programme featuring performances, lectures, screenings, site-specific actions, public interventions, discussions, workshops and unique audience encounters and interactions.